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New Orleans Wedding Planning Trip - Part 1

Our wedding planning trip to New Orleans has started with a lot of (fun) chaos. We booked a flight for Wednesday evening a couple of weeks ago and all was looking hunky-dory going into this week. Unfortunately, it started snowing Wednesday morning and they ended up cancelling our evening flight. Since we had so many appointments set for today (Thursday), Yelena scrambled to get on a last minute non-direct flight at 2:20 pm, and after many delays and close calls, she made it to New Orleans. As of Thursday morning (which is now as of the time of this post), I am still waiting for my flight. I arrived this morning at 6:40 AM only to be delayed so many times that I had to de-board my plane and then book a flight for 2:50 PM. I am currently working from the airport terminal which is surely one of the quietest places to take calls.

Yelena's Wednesday night out in New Orleans was much better than mine in snowy Baltimore. She started the festivities with some appetizers at the always delicious Shaya (the dips and bread are out of this world), followed by meeting a few of the event planners at the venues we are considering, and most importantly, meeting our awesome and stylish wedding planner Belinda. After she ate as many dips as possible, Yelena moseyed on over to an outdoor event where they had some of the coolest jams blasting over the speakers (think N*SYNC, Backstreet Boys, and LFO). I only know this because she was sending me photos of the accompanying music videos that were projected onto the outside brick wall (I sat stewing jealously at the missed opportunity to watch the Summer Girls music video).

Her night ended with some catch up time with some of her favorite people who have been kind enough to let us both stay with them. Thursday will involve a marathon of seeing venues (for Yelena) while I languish in delayed-flight-hell.

Stay tuned...

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1 Comment

Alexander Trepetin
Alexander Trepetin
Dec 17, 2020

Sorry, about all problem with flights,,,

But finally everything will okay, I am sure.

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