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Engagement Photoshoot Reveal (Part 1)

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

The (semi) big day was finally here - we were going to have our pictures taken for our official engagement shoot. Yelena woke up first as she needed to meet at our wedding planner’s office (Blue Gardenia Events) to have her hair and makeup done by Signature Beauty. Our outfits were styled by the very talented Gabrielle Hurwitz. While she was getting ready, I took the opportunity to sleep in for another hour. This photoshoot (read about the day here) was going to feature 8 outfit changes and 4 different locations so we needed to get started as soon as possible. I have to give major kudos to Signature Beauty because Yelena looked amazing. Armed with her beauty and my perfect hair, we were ready to go forth into the photoshoot battle.

Our first location was the street right below Belinda’s (our wedding planner's) office. There is a streetcar line that runs down St. Charles, so our photographers, Marissa and Devin of Mon Soleil, used that to their advantage for some unique photos. We took some test shots as the streetcar drove by - the driver even slowed down the car to help us out. Everything looked great, so we were ready to get the show on the road.

We then walked to the famous Jackson Square to get some pictures overlooking the entire square as well as the St. Louis Cathedral. If you are in New Orleans, Jackson Square is one of the iconic areas that you must visit. We are so happy that we were able to include the location in our engagement shoot.

After taking some breathtaking photos at the square, we mosied over a couple of streets deeper into the French Quarter for some absolutely stunning pictures. Marissa and Devin have a great eye for impressive backgrounds and they instantly identified a beautifully classic New Orleans style building to shoot in front of. They also were able to utilize the empty street we were shooting on as a backdrop to some striking photos.

Special thanks to the incredibly talented Marissa and Devin of Mon Soleil, Signature Beauty Group, Gabrielle Hurwitz for styling our look for the shoot, and Blue Gardenia Events for making this such a successful photoshoot.

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Beautiful pictures! Love them!!

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