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Our Anniversary Weekend in Annapolis

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Earlier in the week, I told Justin that I was going to be meeting with a really good friend somewhere in between DC and Baltimore. After googling some hiking paths, I decided to suggest an urban hike (or as some like to call it, a walk) in Annapolis instead. Luckily, my friend was super into the idea. I mentioned the final plan to Justin, and he suggested we just make a weekend out of it since it was our two year date-anniversary and everything is closed in the city.

After finishing up some work on Friday, we made the 35 minute drive to Annapolis. We arrived at the Historic Inns of Annapolis in no time. The Inns include three renovated boutique buildings right in downtown. Our room was very spacious and clean, and the location could not be beat. After the easy check in and parking our car, we made our way to Preserve for dinner.

Preserve is known for its pickled and fermented menu and a great cocktail list. Usually it is very hard to score a seat at the popular restaurant, but we were lucky enough to get in. The menu changes frequently and it is always spectacular. This time we tried the pickles, the pierogies, the dip, and a smoked salmon dish. Delicious!

After dinner, things were closing, so we headed back to the hotel to get some rest.

The next morning, we woke up bright and early and grabbed breakfast at one of our favorite Annapolis places. The wraps and burritos at Bread and Butter Kitchen cannot be beat.

After breakfast, Justin had to spend a few hours doing some work, so I met my friend to walk around. Four hours and 22,000 steps later, we were beat and ready for some coffees at Rise Up Coffee.

At this point, Justin joined in on the fun and we did some shopping at the cute and unique boutiques around the main part of the downtown area. Some of my favorites are Tyler Boe and B Boutique. Definitely check them out.

After more walking and shopping, we decided to have a light lunch at Joss Cafe & Sushi Bar. We shared two delicious rolls, edamame, and shumai.

After our sushi stop, we continued to walk around for several more hours (it was a beautiful day), and then changed and headed to dinner at another favorite -- Level. Level is great because the portions are tapas-style, so you can experience a lot of the menu without overeating. We are on a wedding diet after all.

We ended up ordering the fries, the chorizo dip, the salmon plate, the root vegetable hash, the tuna special, the bangers and mash, and of course, the milk and cookies. My favorite dish was the refreshing and light tuna.

With all of the covid closures, there was not much to do after dinner, but it was still super early, so we spontaneously booked a ghost tour -- a perfect activity to get more steps in while socially distancing. The tour actually had about twenty people and it was fascinating to learn all about the ghosts of Annapolis. Sadly, we did not see any ghosts.

After the tour, a bit frozen and tired, we headed back to the hotel for much needed rest.

The next morning, we had some time to kill, so we grabbed coffees at Bitty & Beau's Coffee and delicious sandwiches at The Big Cheese. The owners of The Big Cheese are awesome and we always have a great time talking to them. We sat outside by the water and enjoyed some fresh air while we ate our treats. I would definitely recommend following our lead on a sunny day.

If you want a quick getaway that gives you plenty to do, Annapolis is a great choice.

Most importantly, always remember to see the world and eat the food.

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