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New Orleans: Great Food Spots We Tried (or Tried Again) On Our Last Two Trips

Obviously, with planning our wedding in New Orleans, we took several trips there throughout 2020 and 2021. Of course, each time, we had to make time to eat the amazing food. This post is focused on the July 2021 and the October 2021 trips.


Gracious Bakery + Café: Perfect spot for coffee and breakfast. We shared the quiche of the day and it was delicious.

Croissant D'or Patisserie: Boutique French bakery with a cute patio area. We shared the breakfast croissant with ham, cheese, and an egg.

French Truck Coffee: Love this coffee place. It now has 9 locations. You can't go wrong with any item on the menu. On our last trip, we shared a ham and cheese pastry. Sadly, we forgot to take a photo. Delicious. Don't forget to get their coffee.


Shaya: On our last few trips to New Orleans, we've made sure to eat at least one meal at this James Beard Award winning restaurant. The Israeli cuisine is so good. We always order a bunch of items to share. Definitely recommend ordering at least a few of the different types of hummus. I also love the Ikra (whipped cream cheese and anchovy spread, shallots, dill, and bowfin caviar). Honestly, any item on the menu will knock your socks off. The freshly made pita bread is a necessity.

Broussard's: This restaurant has been open since the 1920s. Every time we have been in there for brunch, it was always super lively. We love the live musicians, the food, the service, and the atmosphere. Below is a sampling of what we had during our last brunch.


Café Du Monde: The original open-air coffee stand serving delicious beignets. Everyone knows the name. The one in the French Quarter always has long lines, so save yourself some time and head to the one in City Park.


Gautreaus Restaurant: Previously named Best Restaurant in New Orleans, this fine dining Uptown establishment is small and lively. Plan your next special dinner here.

Cooter Brown's: This was an old law school staple for me and my friends. I had to take Justin and my parents there to try all of the (mostly fried) food. The oysters were also very fresh and ready to be devoured.

Café Amelie: We've eaten at this restaurant several times before. We even considered the patio for our welcome party, but feared that we would have some trouble if it rained. On our last trip, we finally tried the dinner menu (we always used to go for brunch). We took Justin's parents and all of us thoughts everything we ordered was perfect.

Peche: This restaurant is another one we have eaten at several times because the drinks and the food is so good that it keeps us coming back for more. This time, we took my cousin and his wife during our wedding week. We shared several apps and some entrees. Another great experience at Peche. Definitely put it on your list.


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