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Engagement Photoshoot Reveal (Part 4)

As you may recall, Part 3 of the engagement shoot took place outside the New Orleans Museum of Art with me in a bright red flowy dress and Justin in a tuxedo. After leaving the museum, we drove to the last location -- the Longue Vue House and Gardens. As I previously mentioned, Justin and I had discussed having our wedding ceremony in this location, but Longue Vue had an event on our chosen date. The next best thing was having part of our engagement shoot there.

We arrived at Longue and quickly changed into the last outfits of the day. I put on an elegant white dress picked out by the amazing Gabrielle Hurwitz and Justin put on a gray suit. We started the shoot taking pictures in the majestic Oak Allée surrounded by the most exquisite oak trees.

We then continued the shoot in the breathtaking gardens surrounding a magnificent fountain. But, just when we thought the views could not get any better, we turned the corner to find that our brilliant wedding planner and designer, Belinda of Blue Gardenia Events, had set up a French-style picnic (with splendid antique candles courtesy of her husband, treats, and classic music) that left us speechless. Our wonderful photographers and videographers, Marissa and Devin of Mon Soleil, continued the day of surprises by gifting us a bottle of Dom Perignon.

We, of course, popped the champagne and took some fun picnic pictures.

After way too much fun with the picnic pictures, we finished the photoshoot on the intricate stairway of the house. Somehow after a full day of pictures, my hair and makeup stayed perfectly intact thanks to the Signature Beauty Group.

What did you think of our engagement shoot? Let us know which location and outfit was your favorite...

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