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Sample Itinerary for a Fantastic Bachelorette in Puerto Rico

If you are planning a bachelorette party and need ideas, this blog post is for you. My very best friends planned a fantastic one for me in July in Puerto Rico. Below is a glimpse into each day.

Day 1 (Thursday):

By late afternoon, mostly everyone (15 of us) had arrived and settled into our three condos on the beach. After settling in, we headed to a very casual lunch right next to our condos to eat some Mexican food to hold us over for dinner.

After lunch, we had a chance to relax a little bit before heading to old San Juan for dinner.

The three-course dinner was designed specifically for me and included many of my favorite dishes. All the girls commented about how tasty everything was.

Day 2 (Friday):

The second day, we had a very early departure. A party bus picked us up and took us to two boats, which took us to an island.

We spent the whole day swimming around, drinking, eating the delicious food on the boats, dancing, and becoming friends with the other people on the boats near us. I felt like we were at yacht week.

After a whole day of fun, we took the party bus to a few food/drink stalls and enjoyed a sunset.

Following the sunset, the ones who still had energy got dressed up and headed to the bars and clubs.

Lots of dancing later, we were starving. We weren't able to find food because it was late, so we headed home to snack.

Day 3 (Saturday):

Saturday was a more low key day. We spent the day at the pool and the beach and then some of us went to a wine bar close by to have a fancy lunch. We even had our own private room.

After lunch, we relaxed until it was time for the night activities. The girls had gone all out decorating one of the condos with the bachelorette gear. We had a private chef who served us a scrumptious meal and yummy drinks. After dinner, the girls surprised me with the gifts they each got for me. After the gift party, we continued to dance, play drinking games, receive several noise violations, and just hang out.

Day 4 (Sunday):

Sunday rolled around way too fast. People were leaving at different times. The few of us who remained separated to find some lunch spots as every place needed a reservation for bigger groups. After lunch, we shopped, and then headed to the airport. By the time we reached the airport, we definitely needed more drinks and food, so we found another great wine bar inside the airport that exceeded all of our expectations. After our last meal, we headed on to the planes for our flights home.

It was the perfect weekend for me with my favorite ladies (minus a few).

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2 comentarios

Danielle Dubash
Danielle Dubash
17 oct 2023

What party bus and boat rental company did you use?

Me gusta

Shaina Hernandez
Shaina Hernandez
30 jul 2022

What boat did you go on? And how did you travel back and forth from hotel to old San Juan? Thanks!!

Me gusta
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